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Good Old-Fashioned Polaroid Cameras.

In 1967, Polaroid introduced tthe world to the Polaroid Swinger.  In cost a whole $19.99.  The commercial had one of thje most memorable jingles ever written.  The black and white photos have definitely stood the test of time.  It is not exactly clear whwo discovered that what took place in front of the lens would never, ever have to go to a alab.  What is clear, though, is someone figured it out pretty fast.  Polaroid was an overnight hit.

Thirty years earlier, the venerable inventor and scientist Edwin Land founded the Polaroid corporation.  His busainess served to introduce the world to the first instant film camera in 1948.  For four decades, Polaroid was ever-present at Christenings, parties, and weddings as ffamilies so loved the speed the camera provided.  

Polaroid grew to be one of the most recognizable products and bgrands in the world.  Mr Land enjoyed tremendous fame and wealth during his distinguished life and career.  He expanded product offerings to include polarized sunglasses and he enjoyerd significant success throughout his life.

So why are Polaroids Cool?

They Were Nontechnical, Fast and convenient

Anyone is capable of using this type of camera. No settings to play around with and you simply just aim it at whatever it is you want to shoot and press the shutter button. Then let the camera take care of everything else.  The photo can literally be taken and developed into a photo within one minute. No having to go to the tech shop to upload all your shots then choose which ones you like best and be told to come back the next day to pick up the final copies.

They Were Lightweight and Fun

Polaroid cameras are never overly heavy due to their simplicity. You won’t need a backpack to carry this camera around in, simply place the strap over your shoulder and you’ll forget you’re even carrying a camera at all.  There’s no denying that Polaroid cameras are fun to use. Everyone wants a groovy looking Polaroid image, which means a high level of anticipation as the fresh print is shaken into final form.

Oh So Retro

The images produced by Polaroid camera films are different from those produced by digital or even 35 mm cameras. They have this special mid-late century look that just screams "Hipster."  It's been said many times that the Polaroid look and feel just can't be duplicated.  It's true.  Try as we might, those of us experienced in digital photo manipulation can make plenty of images that look somewhat like old Polaroids... but they're far from being replica quality. Many of us who remember the dayts of Polaroids throughout our childhood vividly recall standing around waiting for the picture to develop itself after it came out the front of the camera.  For me, it brings back memories about fishing trips with "Paw Paw" and childhood T-ball games.   

And what makes Polaroids NOT so much fun?

Well, those wonderous instant photos deteriorate really fast.  Warp Speed Fast.  Over the years, your polaroid photographs might turn purple, red, green, or a combination of all those in different spots.  They also scratch easily and the surface of a polaroid holds dust and dirt like flypaper.  So, if you've got some old polaroids that aren't looking so fabulous, bring them to the best photo restoration service in Texas.  We will make them look like new again.  We cannot provide popcorn and silly string, but we will do our best to make ya smile!

Oh, and while we're on it...

Someone asked why we think cellphones can be so very uncool.  Why then? Just look at these idiots, below!

selfie morons

Ok so maybe it's just the stick that's uncool.  In any event, if you do what they are doing, please do the world a favor and use birth control.  Two methods at once!