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Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Best Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Our grandparents are truly a treasure trove of memories. How often have you heard their stories of growing up and getting married? For them, these stories are often sparked by the photos they have treasured. Yet how often have you heard your grandma or grandpa complain that their old photos are damaged? With Photo Ancestry, you can give your grandparents the gift of a fresh take on their old images with loving digital photo restoration.


What Are The Best Photos To Restore as a gift?

Your grandparents will undoubtedly have a big box filled with all their much-loved photos. But which ones are the best to restore? We offer our top five suggestions on the best images to retouch and refinish with Photo Ancestry.


Wedding Photographs

If your grandparents are celebrating their 50th anniversary, they’ll no doubt be nostalgic about their wedding day. With Photo Ancestry, you can give them a stunning restoration of their best wedding photographs. Help them remember their special day with a lovely visual restoration of their original wedding day.


When Your Parents Were Young

Your grandparents will inevitably remember when your parents were as young as you are. Why not find some of the best family photos from when your parents were kids? A lovingly restored family photo will be a great way to show them you care and present an opportunity to see your parents as children.


Favorite Family Vacations

We all remember that much-loved trip to Spain with the whole family. But for your grandparents, family holidays will be a loving reminder of how the world opened up again in the post-war era. Bring together memories of their treasured holidays in the sun, those weekend city breaks, or simply a day trip to the seaside.


Your Great-Grandparents, Aunts, And Uncles

Your grandparents’ oldest family photos will be the ones that need the most loving restoration. Over time, older photos will become darker, split, or fade. Restoring fond memories of when they were kids might be the best photo you can give them. Create modern-looking photos of them and their siblings as kids.


Their First Home

The world was a different time when our grandparents were kids. They may have met their husband, married and moved into their first home within a few months of meeting. Refresh their memory of their time in their first home with a loving restoration of the place they laid down roots to grow their own family.



What Are The Best Ways To Display Restored Photos?

There are many ways to make a restored photo an excellent gift for your grandparents. You could buy a particular photo frame to make that wedding photo extra special or gather them together in a few special formats.


A Collage

Are you bringing together a lot of old memories of a particular holiday? You should create a framed collage of these memories to recreate the entire fond memory for your grandparents. You could buy unique frames that allow you to divide up the photos or one singular frame with a creative collage inside. Collages are great if you bring together a small number of related images.

photo collage gift

A Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is an excellent way to restore photos and display them in a way that tells a narrative about your family. You could use it to tell the story of your grandparents' lives, from how they met to their growing family. You should showcase some of their favorite family holidays throughout the ages.


A Printed Book

Traditional scrapbooking involves cutting out and sticking restored images into a book. But with our digital photo restoration service, you can create stunning glossy print materials. Why not make a printed book of their life alongside our lovingly restored digital photos to recreate something special?

photo book

Photo Cushions Or Blankets

With our lovingly restored photo restoration services, you can apply our digital images to any number of items. Photo cushions or blankets can be a great way to give the gift of a valuable item and tailor it to your grandparent's unique memories. Photos can also go on bedspreads, special birthday cards and many more things that would make great gift ideas for grandparents.

Photo Cubes & Digital Frames

Photo cubes are innovative new ways to showcase photos. With our digital photo restoration service, you can give older images a new lease of life in a photo cube display or on a digital frame. Transform the past into a modern device that your grandparents can treasure. Photo cubes and digital frames allow you to compile many photos onto one device or unit.

Why Is Photo Restoration Better Than Photo Edit Software?

With photo editing software, you often get an image that looks slightly off. There might be a slight blur, a faded tint, or a paper tear you can’t remove in the digital image. With professional photo restoration software, you can feel confident that each image is optimally enhanced by a professional, making it the perfect gift for your grandparents.


How Do I Start Scrapbooking?

When gathering old photos for a scrapbook, it can be challenging to know where to start. Photo Ancestry recommends the following tips for assembling your scrapbook:

  • Find a scrapbook in the size you need, and make sure your family photos fit in
  • Enlist your parents or the support of your great aunts and uncles in finding the best photos
  • Plan what you want to do in each section and on each page, including milestones and special years
  • Approach Photo Ancestry as a photo restoration service to ensure the images are ready to display
  • Decorate each page to enhance each new photo restoration, using stickers and ribbons


What Other Types Of Image Restoration Are A Great Gift For Grandparents?

Photo restoration is the ideal way to create a gift your grandparents will treasure. But other forms of image restoration will give a new lease of life to much-loved family treasures.

Photo Ancestry’s image restoration services will also restore your treasured family oil paintings. We will safely clean the image to remove old dirt, soot, debris or aged sections of varnish from your oil painting. We will then be able to restore and retouch missing areas of paint, rendering the image as good as new.

Whether you need us to retouch an old version of a piece of art or restore a family heirloom, image restoration is a great gift idea for grandparents.

Can Photo Ancestry Help Me Create A Family Tree?

Family trees are one of the best gift ideas for grandparents. Restore photos and create a lineage that allows them to track their family through time. A family tree is also a gift that can last for years and travel down your family through the ages. Photo Ancestry works with genealogy experts that can help you locate and bring together your own family tree.


Give Your Grandparents A Sense Of Their Roots

Sometimes, grandparents may not have a sense of their past. With higher mortality rates during their childhoods, you may find they never met their dad or knew their grandparents well. With the support of Photo Ancestry, you can give them a sense of their roots. We use autosomal DNA matching to establish where your family is from.


Track Maternal And Parental DNA

With Photo Ancestry, you can track maternal and paternal DNA for a comprehensive overview of your family. This means you can enlist your mum or dad’s support in compiling a family tree without ruining the surprise for your grandparents. You may also encounter roadblocks in uncovering family history that can be resolved through the help of mixed-gender DNA tracking.


Cross The Ocean

Do your parents have Irish, Italian or English roots? We can cross the ocean and compile accurate family information from across oceans to bring you a comprehensive family history. Find out about a long-lost relative that died at war, an interesting family crest, or an unexpected family heritage lost to time.

Create A Stunning Family Tree

Once our genealogy team has helped you track down and document your family tree, you can create a stunning document. You can combine our genealogy expertise with our photo retouching service to create a stunning reproduction of your family through the ages. You could create a physical copy to give your grandparents as a gift or a digital replica for future generations.


The Best Gift Ideas For Grandparents Are Personal

With photo restoration, you can bring together your much-loved family photos in a way your grandparents will love. Match old family photos to Photo Ancestry’s family tree service. Retouch a much-loved oil painting and a collection of your grandparent’s photos. Grandparents appreciate a loving reminder of their life and their great family.

Do you want to find out more about more great gift ideas for your grandparents? Contact us today to find out how we can bring your old photos and family trees to life with our bespoke photo restoration service.