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Be Their Favorite Grandchild.  Give Your Grandparents the Gift of Photo Restoration.

Your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary is a momentous occasion.

A marriage takes work, and for one to last for so long is a commendable achievement and a testament to the love of two individuals who have stuck together so long.

We owe a lot to our parents. They help mold us into the individuals we are today, and a gift on their anniversary is the least one can do for them.  The guys and gals that provide the only photo restoration Houston ever needed have a few ideas!

The Beautiful Gift of Memories

Material gifts are the standard go to. A nice watch, a pretty necklace, or a sweet smelling perfumethese are all good ideas.

It is truly the thought that counts, so a 50th Anniversary is an occasion where a little more thought put into the gift can go a long way!

Whether pricey gifts are within your budget or not, deviating from the norm of store purchased gifts is a brilliant way to show appreciation for your parents and give them a gift they can cherish as more than just a material object. For this reason, a scrapbook full of all their favorite memories can serve as a beautiful gift for their marriage’s golden jubilee.

An anniversary scrapbook tells a storythe story of their marriage and their relationship, and all that they have accomplished along the way. It expresses to your parents that you value their relationship, look up to it even. Every marriage has its bad and good parts.

Seeing a scrapbook full of all the good will be a lovely reminder of all the good, and how it’s worth sticking it out through all the bad parts.

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The basics needed for this project are a scrapbook, crafting supplies, and a determination to hunt down all those long forgotten family photos.

  • Dig through old boxes of photo albums to find some hidden gems, pictures that hold all the memories your parents have accumulated over the years.
  • Scrapbooks come in a number of different styles and sizes, so choose one that best fits your preference. There are ones that are 12 inch by 12 inch and others that are 8 ½ inches by 11 inches.
  • Each style of scrapbook also has different numbers of pages, so have a good idea of how many pages you may need to utilize. Most scrapbooks have the option of adding or removing pages, so that may not serve as much of an issue.
  • Make a game plan. Outline what each page will display, from the front cover to the last page.
  • Divide up the pages according to years, themes, events, or milestones. A scrapbook isn’t just a photo album. The old photos you have uncovered and managed to restore will be accompanied with a more personalized feel. These can be in the form of touching notes from you and other family members.
  • Use stickers, ribbons and other embellishments to give it your very own personal touch. Go as wild as you can with your crafting abilitiesdecorate, emphasize, or even bedazzle if the need arises!

The Hunt for Photos

Looking for the photos you need should get easier once you have a game plan in mind.

Rather than aimless foraging and rummaging, your search should be more focused. Involve other family members like grandparents and parents’ siblings in the process and you’ll uncover a goldmine of memories. Some photos may need some tweaking, as wear and tear over time can take its toll. This can be done using picture editing software, but to save on time, your best bet is a photo restoration service

Get the proper context for each photothis will allow you to label them properly in the scrapbook so that your parents can place each memory as well.

Ensure that you remain organized during this process. Store all the photos individually according to dates or other categorizations which suit you, maybe in a folder.

This will help you keep track of the  memories, and leave no room for mishapslike misplacing a stack of photos.

A Few Scrapbooking Tips to Keep in Mind

Scrapbooking is an art, and every artist has his or her own style. Embrace your own style of crafting a scrapbook. Emulating another will just ruin your fun and hold you back from crafting the perfect personalized gift.

These books are all about the visuals, so using patterned paper, stickers, floral embellishments and the like will allow the receivers to fully enjoy the viewing experience!

For this particular photo scrapbook, vary the sizes of the photos used. Try making one photo the focal point of each page, with other smaller photos serving as a backdrop to that particular memory.

If you commit to a gift like this, it’s a sure thing that it will be a startling success! Not only will it allow your parents to remember their love for each other, they will feel how much you value them as well.

At Heritage Photo Restoration and Genealogy, we value the power a photo hold when it comes to capturing moments in time. If you’re inspired by this idea and looking for quality photo restoration and digital photo repair in Houston, we’re the answer for you!