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20 April 2018

What is Sepia and Who Invented it?

What is Sepia Tone? Contrary to what many people think, those nostalgic old photos that look brown didn’t turn that color as they aged. The pictures look just as they…

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21 December 2017

Don't Touch That Photo! Your Fingerprints are Seriously Nasty

Don’t Touch That Old Photograph: You May Just Destroy It! Even in this modern age of digital photographs, we’re still surrounded by its older, more frail relatives. A picture of…

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20 December 2017

Cameras through History: How Photography Evolved

An Extremely Brief History of The Camera and Photography Photographic cameras, while they may still carry the attraction and quality, have somehow lost their novelty. With a camera fitted in…

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19 November 2017

Polaroids are Cool, and How Uncool Cell Phones Can Be

Good Old-Fashioned Polaroid Cameras. In 1967, Polaroid introduced tthe world to the Polaroid Swinger.  In cost a whole $19.99.  The commercial had one of thje most memorable jingles ever written.…

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13 August 2017

All about "Photoancestry" and "We're Restoring Yesteryear"

What is Photoancestry? It's like having your very own professional genealogist and photo restoration artist. What does it mean to “Restore Yesteryear?” Well, we’re talking about restoring more than just…

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13 August 2017

Can Photo Restoration Help Revive Memory?

Can Photo Restoration Bring Back Long-Lost Memories? Digital Photo Repair gives you something not unlike reliving your old memories! Photos of your previous birthdays, your wedding, your ancestors, your parents’…

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13 August 2017

Protecting and Storing Antique Photos. You need to know!

  How to Preserve, Protect and Store Antique Photos – Professional Edition   While there are many digital images that can truly capture the essence of a magical moment, nothing…

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13 August 2017

How to Turn Your Restored Photos into Works of Art

Don't Just Fix Old Photos - Make Them Worthy of Your Fireplace Mantle! Every family has one—that large basket of photos. Full of old picture prints, Polaroids and negatives, we…

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13 August 2017

Protect Photos from the Crazy Houston, Texas Heat!

Why Your Old Photos Look Terrible. It's Houston, Texas: Home of Vietnam-like Heat and Humidity. Ahhh. Fun in the sun. If you moved to Houston from somewhere up North, I…

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08 August 2017

How to Choose the Best Paper for Your Photo Prints

Choosing the Right Paper for Your Photo Prints If you’re thinking about having your photos professionally printed, you’ve got a great idea! Photo prints make wonderful keepsakes and are perfect…

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08 August 2017

High Resolution Negative, Slide, and Photo Scanning

Digital Photo Scanning is Unquestionably the best way to preserve your photos!  Photo Scanning at a default of 1000dpi, no extra charge.  Negative and Slide Scanning at a default of 3200dpi.  Scanning…

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07 August 2017

The Importance of Preserving Your Photographs

Someday, your grandchildren will want to see your baby pictures and wedding photos. Few people think about the importance of preserving their personal photographs. With the use of digital technology,…

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02 August 2017

How to Ruin all Your Family Photos in an Efficient Manner

How To Destroy All Your Family Heirloom Photos in a Quick and Efficient Manner! When was the last time you really took the time out to search through your old…

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02 August 2017

Factors to Consider When Taking Care of Old Photos

When Taking Care of Old Photos, There are Some Important Things to Think About Dusting off that old photo album so you can relive your memories with your loved ones…

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01 August 2017

Why Using a Small Houston Photo Restoration Service is Best

Why You Should Still Use a Small Photo Restoration Company, NOT the "Big" Drugstores and Grocery Stores Pharmacy chains are sure convenient, aren't they? One quick stop after work and…

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31 July 2017

Effective Tips to Preserve Your Family Photos for Life

Tips to Preserve Your Family Photographs Although this new age is all about digital cameras, modern photography and digital tools, but old is gold, right? Old family photographs are no less…

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31 July 2017

How to Avoid Photo Restoration and Keep Pictures Safe

Protect and Store Old Photos Properly.  Don't Just Run Around With Your Shirt Off and Your Tongue Hanging out, Doofus! Who hasn't ruined at least one photo in their lifetime?…

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31 July 2017

Starting Your Family Tree - 5 Quick Ideas from a Genealogist

  Your genealogy. Your heritage. Where do you start? We all lead busy lives. Few of us live out our lives in the place where we were born, returning “home”…

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28 July 2017

What causes fading and discoloration in old photos?

Why do old photos fade and deteriorate? While we have gone into the details of how environmental factors can ruin old photographs, we haven’t ever really gone into the science…

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28 July 2017

Protect Photos From Water Damage - Hurricane Season 2017

Prevent Wet Photos - Guarding Your Heirloom Photographs in Hurricane Season  Envision what it might be like to wake up after a severe storm to find your living room flooded.…

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27 July 2017

How to personally benefit from starting your family tree.

How You Can Benefit From Learning Your Family History.   Human beings are the only species on earth who can think about their roots. In fact, we are the only…

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27 July 2017

5 Key Elements of Photo Restoration and Repair

Five Things to Know when Choosing Photo Restoration and Repair Services For customers who are unaccustomed to the workings of photo retouching and restoration, the whole process can seem very confusing.…

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27 July 2017

How To Restore Water Damaged Photos

A Quick Lesson on How You Can Restore Water Damaged Photos “If only I had taken these pictures out before !”   Yes, we all think that when our treasured…

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27 July 2017

Buying the Best Gifts for Your Family this Xmas

This Christmas, Get Your Family Members Something Meaningful   Now, we know what you’re thinking. Why would you ever shop in the middle of fall when Christmas is more than…

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27 July 2017

More About Protecting Your Restored Photos

Take Care of Your Restored Photos: Don’t Store them in Your Typical Spaces A cool and dry attic may seem like a good idea to store your restored pictures. However, with…

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27 July 2017

An Essential Guide to Protecting Restored Pictures

Digital Photo Repair Brought Your Pictures Back To Life, So Choose the Right Frame. This may seem like an easy enough decision. You can just go to the store, pick…

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27 July 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas from the Gang at Heritage

Our Favorite Photography Gift Ideas This Christmas     You would think professional photographers have it easy when it comes to presenting gifts to loved ones on Christmas and other…

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27 July 2017

Good and Bad Christmas Ideas. Don't Get It Wrong.

We're doing something other than photo restoration today... Let's talk about good and bad Christmas Gift Ideas. We'll Start Off With a Few Christmas Card Ideas You Need To Try…

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27 July 2017

Photo Restoration vs. Conservation - Defining the Difference

Photo Restoration and Photo Conservation.  So, What's The Difference? In a time where photos can instantly be uploaded for the world to see on various social media platforms; we hardly…

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27 July 2017

Photo Stuck to the Glass? Here’s What You Do!

When An Old Photograph is Stuck to Glass, Don't Panic and Don't Just Start Peeling it Off! Putting aside the many benefits of digital photography, those of us that still…

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