Frequently Asked Questions


Can a Heat-damaged or Sun-damaged Photo Be Restored?

Over time, sunshine and heat can leach away the colors in your photos. By getting your images restored, you can bring them back to life. Since we take a scan of your photographs, your originals are never affected. Afterward, we use these scans to correct damaged sections. Once we are finished with the photo restoration process, you will have digital versions of your photos that look new again.To repair your photos, we start by equalizing the tonal range in each image. Next, we reapply color tones to make the photo look natural and fix the discoloration. Then, our team carefully removes the halo effect that sometimes appears around the repaired section. Finally, we adjust the color balance, sharpen the image and perform all of the final touches your photos need to look their best. 

Can You Fix Photos That Got Wet or Were in a Flood?

It is possible to save photos that were wet or in a flood. If the main subject is still in the image, we can rebuild the surrounding photo or crop some of the damaged areas. We can also colorize water spots and restore faded areas. We can review the images and tell you if it is possible to fix them.

Can You Print on Canvas?

Our team can print on many different surfaces. While many of our clients simply want new versions of their treasured photos, some of our customers are looking for unique gifts. Canvases give photographs a regal appearance and are perfect for your living room or bedroom. 

That being said, we do NOT RECOMMEND using Canvas prints near the Gulf Coast or in any area with particularly high humidity levels. Canvas is extremely porous, and inevitably fades and becomes discolored over time. If you do purchase a canvas print, consider spending the extra money to have your print coated with a protective varnish.

Can you restore a picture I have on my phone?

Our Houston restoration experts prefer working with high-resolution photos from a scanner, but we will give you our honest opinion. Sometimes, the results may not be the same, but we can still make some major improvements. To find out if we can fix your photo, contact us today

Can you take a person out of a photo or move people from one picture to another?

If you want to remove a person or object from your photo, we can help. When you bring us your photos, you should give us clear instructions about what you want. The quality of our results depends on how much of the surrounding photo is available to fill up the empty space. If the photo is a class picture, the entire background is already covered up by teachers and students. Because of this, we might not have enough background details available to fill up the empty space. In comparison, removing one or two people from a photograph of a beach would be fairly simple. Adding people and objects does not have the same problem, so we can easily move people and objects from one photograph to another one.

Do I Get to Keep the Digital Versions of My Originals and My Restored Photos?

You can absolutely keep the digital versions of your originals and your restored photos. They are yours!

Do you carry metal photo prints?

Metal photo prints are durable and resistant to scratches. Because of this, they are a popular option for our clients. If you want metal photo prints, we can help. Our team can discuss the various styles and sizes we have available. 

Do you colorize old black and white photographs?

We absolutely do. We utilize a combination of artistic technique and minor AI adjustments with ZERO filters to colorize images.

Do you have photo restoration gift cards?

You can order gift cards whenever you want. Whether you are looking for the perfect birthday present or a gift for the holidays, gift cards are an excellent option. By giving someone a Photoancestry gift card, you can help them preserve their treasured memories for the future. 

Do you offer framing services?

Once your photos are completely restored, you can use our custom framing services to make them look their best. We have vintage frames and other customized options. In addition to framing your photographs, we offer matting services as well. 

Do you offer photo restoration near me?

If you live in or around Houston, we are not far away. Our offices are located in Bellaire – the center of the Houston Metro Area. 

Do you repair or restore old picture frames?

Sometimes, family photos are passed down with vintage frames. Our photography and genealogy experts love working with antiques and beautiful heirlooms. We can generally repair old frames without a problem. To find out if we can restore your favorite frames, reach out to us today. 

How can I avoid a bad photo restoration company?

If the photo restoration company is unwilling to give you a free quote, you should find someone else to work with. A good company can create an accurate quote by looking at the photo and reviewing your requested changes. They should never pressure you to sign up for services without telling you the overall costs first.

You should also avoid working with fly-by-night companies that recently opened up. Ideally, the company should have a few online testimonials and a proven track record. Even though our services take much longer to actually perform, we can always give our clients a quote right away.

We believe photo quality matters the most. Because of this, we are not the cheapest or fastest service available. Unlike some companies, we stand by the quality of our results and proudly display our photographs on our website. Before you work with anyone, you should ask to see examples of their past projects. If they are unwilling to show you what their finished projects look like, you should run the other way.

Lastly, “flat rate” photo restoration is generally a bad idea. Avoid places that offer services like “any photo $40.” 

How long does photo restoration take?

During quiet months, we often finish projects within 5-7 days. During busier times (such as Mother’s day and Christmas), or If you have extremely damaged photos, it may take us a little longer. We firmly believe that quality is more important than speed, so we take our time perfecting each image.

If you are on a deadline, our photo restoration specialists can help. We do offer rush services.

We do not charge rush prices for memorials or funerals, so please let us know if you and your loved ones are in mourning. When you request your quote, you should let us know when you need to have your project completed. 

How long have you been in business?

We have been proudly serving photo customers in Houston since 2007. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for providing the best customer service in the industry. We can help you with photo restoration, custom framing, genealogy, vintage photo modernization, damaged photo recreation and other services. 

How Much Does Photo Restoration Cost?

In general, customers can get the services they need for $89 to $300 even with very damaged photos. We provide exact quotes when we are able to see the picture, and the cost depends on how damaged your photos are. We also provide a discount when clients need to restore multiple photos, so you may be able to get a reduced price on a large project.

We painstakingly repair each image, so an extremely damaged photo takes more work. If you are uncertain about how much a photo will cost to repair, you can always ask. Once you have the estimate, you are under no obligation to purchase our services.

When we create our free estimates, we consider how faded, creased and scratched the image is. If we have to reconstruct detailed parts of the photo because of fading and scratches, our services will cost more.

You may also want to invest in additional services as well. Once you see your family photos come to life, you may want to learn more about the history of each family member. Our team provides a range of genealogy services. In addition, we offer custom framing and services for your restored pictures. 

Is My Photo Too Badly Damaged to Restore?

There is an excellent chance that we can restore your photograph. In general, it is easier to restore photos that have small water spots and limited sun damage. If your photo has been sitting in a puddle of water for a few months, it might be a little more difficult to restore. In our experience, it is fairly rare to find a photograph that cannot be restored. 

Is My Photograph Too Faded to Restore?

We can restore most faded photographs. Even if it is impossible to make the photograph perfect, we can at least sharpen the image. The only way to know for sure if your photograph can be repaired is to ask us. Once we see the photograph, we can tell you what we can do to fix it. 

My Photo Is Stuck to the Glass. Can You Get It Off?

When you remove the glass, you can end up damaging the photograph underneath. Thankfully, a little glass will not keep us from restoring your photograph. You can give us a call, and we will tell you how to send the image to our photography studio. In most cases, we will be able to successfully scan the photos with our advanced equipment. 

What Does Digital Photo Restoration Mean?

With a digital restoration, you can instantly send your photos from anywhere in the world.

However, we strongly prefer that you bring your photo by or mail your photo. With our advanced scanning system, the results are dramatically improved.

Since we are not the fastest or cheapest service, we take our time restoring each detail of your photographs. Our goal is to focus on quality above everything else.

As a general rule, we never want our clients to print out their own photos because the printer's ink patterns and textures can impact the quality of the photo. Let us fix the photo then find out why we're the best photo printing in Houston.

In essence, digital restoration involves converting physical photos into digital images so that the image can be restored to its former glory. 

What Is Photo Restoration?

Photo restoration is when we take your old, damaged photos and make them look new again. The first step involves scanning the photograph at a high resolution. Once this step is done, we can use digital techniques to remove faded areas and signs of damage.

The photo restoration process is completely safe for your old photos. You will be able to keep the originals as well as the new copy of your treasured photographs. Unlike the old version, the repaired photo will be free of water spots and faded areas.

Your photographs are a timeless, irreplaceable part of your family history. Over time, they can naturally start to fade. Instead of losing this connection to your past, you can use our photo restoration services in Houston to make your old images look new again.

What Is the Cost of Photo Colorization?

All of our photo services generally cost between $89 and $600. The total cost of photo colorization depends on how many people are in the background, the photo's damage, the number of items in the photo and similar factors. Generally, colorization does not add significant cost to the price. 

What Is the Difference Between Photo Restoration, Photo Retouching and Photo Editing?

We use photo restoration to repair old photos. Often, this process is necessary because of water damage, fading and heat damage. While photo editing and retouching may happen during the restoration process, the goal of photo restoration is simply to make the photo return to its original state.

Meanwhile, photo retouching entails correcting the photo's color, exposure and background. For example, we might remove shadows or elements of the photo to make it look better. Retouching allows us to fix facial wrinkles, hair color and other irregularities. If you want, you can change the background as well. Basically, photo retouching is a process that allows us to hide imperfections and create a more beautiful photo.

Photo editing is an extremely time-intensive process. During this process, we will improve the photo's effects, exposure, lighting and saturation. We can sharpen the image and improve the overall quality of the photograph.

Ultimately, the biggest difference between the three processes is the final goal. Photo restoration is for restoring old or damaged photos. While editing works to improve the photo's natural qualities, retouching enhances the image's visual appeal and brings the technician's artistic vision to life. 

What Is the Photo Restoration Process?

The photo restoration process begins with a simple request from a customer. To get started, you just bring us your photo or mail it to us (we can provide instructions for the safe transport of your items). If you just want an estimate, you can snap a picture or scan your photo and upload it to our contact page.

In order to give you an accurate quote, we will need all of your requirements for the finished project. For example, you should tell us if you want people removed, background changes or custom framing.

Within 24 hours, we will send you a quote on our services. If you accept the offer, we will immediately start working on your project. For most projects, we can finish the restoration process within 7 to 21 days. During the busiest times of the year, it may take a little longer. We painstakingly restore each image, so it takes time to produce high-quality, gorgeous photographs. Our goal is to be the best photo restoration company in Houston, so we take our time meticulously editing each image.

Once we are done restoring the photos, you will receive printed proofs - often several versions of the same photo with various differences in lighting and color. YOU get to pick what you like -or- let us know if we made mistakes and we will provide a revised version.

Be wary of services that offer only electronic proofs. Judging a photo based upon a bright computer / smartphone screen is generally a bad idea. We think you have the right to see what the picture will look like in it's final printed form.

 What Makes Heritage the Best Photo Restoration Choice?

We’ve been helping Texas residents beautify their photos for more than a decade. We offer a range of photo recreation and enhancement services. When you give us an old photograph, we cherish it as much as you do. Through photo restoration, you can bring your old memories to life.

Our team believes that quality is more important than speed. We take our time fixing old photos so that your family can have new heirlooms to share and fall in love with. In addition to offering a superior quality of photo restoration services, we can also help with art restoration, vintage photo modernization and genealogy. Unlike other companies, we are as passionate about your photos as you are. 

What should I look for in a photo restoration service?

When looking for a photo restoration service, you should ask your friends and family members for recommendations. You can also check out the company's online reviews to see if they are a reputable business to work with. Additionally, you should review their website to see if it looks professional or not. Be sure to check out any “before and after photo restoration” sections. Do the images look realistic? Does it look like someone worked on it? Well, it should look realistic and it shouldn’t look like it was altered! Does it look like bad plastic surgery? Your photo should look the way you wanted it to look or exactly like the original picture when it was taken.

How do I choose the best photo restoration service?

A good photo restoration company will always give you a quote on their services. They will also have a track record of successful projects. In general, you will enjoy better results if you hire a company that has at least a few years of experience.

It is important to remember that the fastest and cheapest companies are generally not the best businesses to work with. Your precious photographs represent years of family history and unforgettable experiences. To restore them properly, you need to find a company that prioritizes quality over speed. 

In short, it's just like everything else you buy... You get what you pay for.

What will happen to my original photo after restoration?

It depends on what you want to do with the original. If you have the right equipment, you can send us a scan of your photo and keep your original at home during the restoration process. When you send the original image to us, we will make sure to take good care of it. If you want to pick up the original or have it mailed back to you, you should let us know.

Whenever we work with original photographs in our studio, we always handle them with great care. The technician uses linen gloves and a professional scanner during the scanning process. After we finish the scan, we store it using the same acid-free paper that libraries use in their archives. We have not lost an original photo yet, and we plan to maintain our perfect record.