Frequently Asked Questions at Heritage

A Few of Our Most Frequently Asked Photo Restoration and Genealogy Questions


Do you do professional photo printing, too?

What do terms like photo restoration and photo refinishing mean?
How does the whole process work at Heritage?
What is the cost of photo restoration?
What do I get with my purchase?
What about prints?
What in the world is a Certified Professional Artist?
Can you scan or transform negatives or repair slides? Can you restore the negative or the slide?
How do I Ship Old Photos to you Safely?
What methods of payment do you accept?
Where are you located?
I have a LOT of photos / negatives / slides. What is the best way to get them to you?
What do you charge for shipping?
Do you work with tin-type or
How long does the photo restoration process take?
Unclaimed Originals Policy
antique-tintype-taken-near-dallas-1920s or 1930s
brint michael lesley as small child in pirate suit