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We're Dedicated To Repairing Your Family Photographs, Building Your Family Tree, And Preserving Your Pictures with great care.

At Heritage, we realize photographs are stolen moments in time, but they are also a great deal more. With the proper care, future generations can enjoy these snippets of the past for years. Unfortunately, the material used to form pictures is delicate, and this can result in damaged photographs. With help from our fabled Houston area Photo Restoration, you can ensure the longtime preservation of these special moments, whatever you might call them – pictures, photos, pics, selfies, or portraits.

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Fix an Old Oil Painting, Retouch a Photo, Build Your Family Tree

To begin the family tree search, we’ll need information about you. Because we hire experts, the genealogist assigned to you will be able to determine whether the search for your family ancestry is likely to be a success. In some cases, we use autosomal DNA matching to establish more about your ancestry. This test may establish that your relatives were Irish, British or Scottish. You might find out that your great grandmother was French or that your forebear had an intriguing coat of arms. Your family tree search may uncover where your ancestors lived. It could even give you a glance into the past.

With a genealogist assigned to you, he or she may recommend that you complete y-DNA matching or mt-DNA matching for females to determine the best place to start. Autosomal DNA matching may also be used when our professionals hit a roadblock and are unable to continue the search for your pedigree. With y-DNA matching, the paternal line is traced while the mt-DNA matching for females tracks the matriarchal line of your ancestry. If you’re considering how to begin your family tree, we’re happy to share a few tips. Begin your family search with either your father's line or your mother's line. As you dive into your past, you could discover that you have relatives who died at war or that you have German, South American or Italian heritage. Your kinship may even include Dutch ancestry. You may find your family crest and entertaining details about your forebear. By working on your family tree with Heritage Photo Restoration in Houston, you’ll have access to comprehensive information about your family line from around the world.

Whatever it is, There's No need for "sorrow." We have the Fix!

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One Major Factor Sets Us Apart in Photo Retouching

Whether it be genealogy and finding your family tree or simple photograph refinishing, Heritage teammates aim to provide our customers with an enjoyable, results-driven experience. We are NOT the company with the "fastest turnaround" but we believe the quality of our work is well worth extra time. Digital Photo repair and genealogy research services are not just hobbies for us. They are passions.

As the old adage goes, a picture (in this case, one that's been through a little picture editing) is worth a thousand words. Photos are a tangible link between the past and the present. Nothing can take you back to a place and time quite the way a photo does. But that photo needs to be clear and free of all the damage it took on over the years. We can restore your photos.

We're Restoring Yesteryear Here At Heritage.

We understand how valuable and irreplaceable your precious photographs are and helping you keep your memories in top shape is our greatest passion. We specialize in antique precious photos and we can save those memories in perfect clear focus for years, and generations, to come.

Photographs help you to recapture memories you made with people and in places you love or link you to the past to those who came before you. Sometimes, though, even when great care is taken in preserving and keeping your photos, age, sunlight and normal wear and tear can blur or mar the image.

While it's true that you cannot go back in time and recreate the moment, our experts can help repair the damage and give you an amazingly beautiful picture again. We take great pride and pleasure in what we do and we take on the task to fix old photos with respect and reverence for preserving your precious memories. Absolutely NOTHING delights us more than pleasing our customers and hearing that our work exceeded their expectations.