Our Favorite Photography Gift Ideas This Christmas

 restored wedding photo


You would think professional photographers have it easy when it comes to presenting gifts to loved ones on Christmas and other occasions.  Turns out, people aren’t wrong. In fact, even amateur photographers have a ton of awesome gift ideas under their sleeve that involve their photography skills or mere editing of an old, favorite picture.

Photographer or not, there are a lot of novel gift giving ideas that you can try for this year! Remember, whatever you choose, gifts that include old photographs will always be considered thoughtful and very personal—to both the receiver and presenter.

 So let's go through the list, ok?

Adding Old, Restored Photos into a Leather-Bound Album

Do you always have to put a lot of thought every year about what to gift to your grandparents? Of course, you want to give something sentimental, which they’ll always keep close to their heart. Why don’t you give your grandparents their memories back, in fully repaired and restored glory?

Every family has volumes upon volumes of old family albums. Due to the long years, old photographs can suffer damage and lost details, but are still nonetheless precious to your grandparents.

Take them out of the darkroom and get the best photo restoration in Houston! You can even restore and edit an old family photo, increase its size, and have it framed and mounted on the wall! Everyone will love this personalized Christmas gift.

 old photo of man by train

A Photo Shoot Recreating an Old Photo

This idea can be one of the most expensive present or the cheapest depending on who does the shoot.

Sure you can recreate an old photo at home with a bunch of props, easily enough. Imagine how much more fun it will be to take part in a professional photo shoot!

Whatever option you choose, make sure to pick a family favorite old photo. It can be when you and all your siblings were kids or a photo that captures a captivatingly hilarious moment. 

Turning an Old Photograph into a Painting

Why not take a favorite picture of the intended gift receiver and turn it into a colorful painting? There are a number of websites and software that can help you achieve this! You can also add color to an otherwise black and white photograph, as well as digitally repair and edit it.

HDR Their Pride & Joy, i.e. Their Wheels

Every grown man has one pair of wheels that is their absolute pride and joy. Be it a classic Harley or a muscle car – show you care about their pride as much as you love them!

The realm of photography involves a number of possible Christmas gift ideas that will prove sentimental and highly personal for receivers.

Help revive old memories by presenting this gift to your loved ones this Christmas. Give Photoancestry.com a call.  We have plenty of ideas.

 old yellow car

OR, how about you step outside of your comfort zone and make everybody’s Christmas presents this year?

There are a lot of ideas that you can use when it comes to making DIY Christmas gifts that will really mean the world to your loved ones.

Take another step forward, dig out old photographs and use them too! Receivers of such thoughtful gifts will surely smile at the effort taken on your part. Best part yet? The following DIY photo gift ideas are very simple and don’t require a fortune to make either:


Pop Goes the DIY Pop-Up Name Card!

Do you remember how awesome and mesmerizing pop-up books used to be? Imagine gifting a pop-up card to your friend or family member besides the actual present! Or you can just use the pop-up card as an unconventional name tag, whatever you choose.

What Will You Need?

Card stock

Old Photo That’s Been Reborn Via Houston Digital Photo Repair

X-Acto knife plus cutting board (just keep it away from the children, ok?)

Color printer


Follow the directions and soon you’ll have a stack of Christmas themed pop-up cards!


Christmas Lollipops in a Bag!

This idea is awesome if you have young siblings and cousins, for which finding gifts can become a hassle. If nothing else, these sugary lollipops can act as name placements at the big dinner table! What is so different and worth mentioning about Christmas lollipops? Well, for one, you can freak (in a good way) out your friends and family members by gifting them a box of sugary candy that has their face or their pet’s picture on it!

Important Note: This project uses edible images only although you can use non-edible ones as well. The non-edible candy is only for show!  

What Will You Need?

Lollipop sticks

Candy molds

Edible photographs or images


Wooden spoon

2 qt. saucepan

Non-stick cooking spray

2 cups sugar

2/3 cup light corn syrup

¾ cups water

1 teaspoon concentrated flavoring

Candy thermometer

Before making the sugar candy, be sure to order edible images and have them delivered to your door on time. You can also use regular paper images although adult supervision will be needed when given to children. Make sure the images are according to the size you want.

After pouring the candy mixture in the mold, place images right side up. A toothpick can be used to smooth the candy on top of the image. 


Dazzling Photo Spheres!

Want to give a gift that will transform your brother’s boring dorm room or your aunt’s porch into a magical place? Ordinary paper lanterns can do that and so much more! Gift one single photo sphere (or another shape) or several small ones stringed together, these photo lanterns can also act as good decoration options.

What Will You Need?

Restored photos to print


11x17 cozy paper

12” Paper Lantern

Sponge brush

Strong adhesive or gel


X-Acto knife

Cutting surface

Sphere template 

Follow the complete directions on how to make this awesome photo lantern!

photo restoration of dad and the big bass

You don’t have to go all out and blow your budget in buying expensive gifts that your friends and family members will likely exchange for something they actually want.

Why not give them something that they’ll love and cherish because you made it yourself? Dig out your old family and friend’s photos first and have them digitally repaired if a little worse for wear. Heritage Photo Restoration and Genealogy will do that for you!