Photo Restoration Classes - Free And Open To The Public

Old photos are more than just images on paper. They're a vibrant reminder of times past meant to be treasured generations into the future. Unfortunately, old photos are also fragile. Color changes, sun damage, water damage, holes, and rips and tears can rob photos of their beauty and durability. Here at Heritage Photo Restoration, we work tirelessly to help our clients preserve their precious memories. Now we're going a step further by offering free photo restoration classes to the public. If you've always wanted to take photo repair lessons, now is your chance. 

antique photo restored like new

Why Take Photo Restoration Lessons?

Whether you're an avid genealogist or just want to get the family albums in order, you're likely to encounter photos that haven't fared well. Even when stored properly, the quality of old photos can degrade because of weaknesses in the materials and printing processes used in previous times. Restoring such photos is a great way to protect these keepsakes for coming generations. Once your photos are restored, you can also make high-quality digital copies to share with family and friends via email and social networking sites. 

In our no-cost classes, you'll learn how to repair and restore your old photos so that you can display or store them safely. Some of the topics that we aim to cover during photo restoration classes include

photo retouching basics,
how to save photos stuck to glass in a frame,
how to salvage photos stuck in old albums,
how to assess and correct color damage and fading of old black and white photos,
how to apply sepia-style toning to your photos and
the best methods for storing photos for future generations.

We will utilize a variety of computer programs in our classes including Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and ON1 photo software. Understanding the basics of these programs will enhance your ability to restore photos and apply sepia-style toning where wanted. You do not need prior experience with these programs to benefit from our no-cost classes. 

Please note that our no-cost classes are offered with reservations required. Call us at any time to schedule a class or learn more about what we have to offer. We're here to help you preserve your photos so that they can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Why Are We Teaching Photo Restoration?

Maybe you're wondering why we're now offering free photo restoration lessons open to the public. After all, we are a photo restoration business. We're also a family. We know that your photos mean a great deal to you, and we want to help you preserve them. Sometimes, that means we'll take care of correcting damage and bringing photos back to life for you. At other times, your photos need only small repairs that you're capable of making. 

We're offering classes because we want to empower our clients to protect and preserve their photos. We believe that teaching you the basic skills you need to restore photos will allow you to tackle big photo organization projects without fear or dread. Of course, we'll still be here to assist when you need professional help restoring photos too. Simply contact Heritage Photo Restoration for more information.

ripped photograph restored like new
Getting The Most From Your Old Photos

Are you still wondering why you should make reservations for one of our complimentary photo restoration classes? Here are some benefits of learning photo restoration and basic photo editing. 

You will learn how to preserve and protect family heirlooms that no amount of money can replace.
You will be able to confidently repair old photos so that you can display them in your home or in keepsake photo albums.
You will be able to make corrections to color damage and fading so that your photos look vibrant instead of dull.
You will learn to repair small dings and scratches in photos so that more extensive damage can be prevented.
You will learn some basic photo editing concepts that can be carried over into your volunteer and charitable activities with ease.

At Heritage Photo Restoration, we're proud to provide the best photo restoration and professional photo printing in Texas. We're here to help you learn to restore your photos, and we're also here when you need a little extra professional help to get them in tip-top shape. If you're interested in taking a class or want us to take a look at damaged photos, just call or email us today. Please remember that our classes are offered with reservations required.