Heritage: The Best Photo Restoration in Houston, Texas

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Surely you’ve captured some truly beautiful moments on film, so don’t let them wither away with time. We, here at Heritage Photo Restoration and Genealogy, can help you. Torn, stained, faded or discolored pictures can be restored back to their original splendor! We are at your service. Our photo restoration in Houston aims to provide you with “good as new” images of once forgotten old memories (and careful, delicate antique photo restoration). Our team members have mastered the art of beautifully providing 1st class picture editing and digital photo repair.


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Our Photo Restoration Artists are Experts in:

• Photo restoration
• Removing discoloration and stains
• Severely scratched old pictures.
• Photo Refinishing
• Restoration of negatives, no matter how old they might be. We’ll turn them into something exquisite.

Antique Photo Restoration and Digital Photo Repair for Severely Damaged Images Handled with Great Care.

ZERO cost for all public service agencies (such as law enforcement) including all officers, deputies, and troopers.  And Zero means Zero.

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We have great faith in our picture editing and photo refinishing artists.

Because of this, we offer a 100% money back guarantee to our customers. If you don’t get what you came for, we will take care of it. In fact, when you bring us your damaged photos, we won’t ask for a DIME until you see the “proofs” and approve the work. Don’t like the proofs? We will revise them or you can simply decide not to pay. That’s how confident we are in our team. Visit our digital photo repair studio in Houston and be amazed at how a little bit of hard work can bring back a great deal from the past.

For people, who live within a 100 miles of our studio, we offer the service of picking up photographs from your home. For distant residents, we will carefully walk you step-by-step through the process of using FedEx or UPS to safely ship us the originals. We truly care for the people we serve and this is why we will do our best to restore your valuable memories.

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Photo Restoration Is Just The Start. The Best Digital Photo Repair in Houston, Texas Can Put Even The Most Severely Damaged Photos Back Together.

Damaged old photos are not useless objects. They are simply antiques that need a bit of TLC. Our company makes sure that people who are considering throwing away these precious items do not do so, as we have the capability to truly transform damaged pictures. The older the photo, the more valuable it becomes. Restoring photos means you are bringing back a piece of yesteryear to the present day.

Locations which looked different than what they are today can be better understood with their previous visual representation. People you are intimately familiar with may have appeared far different in the not-too-distant past. It’s quite interesting to see “old” part of life come back to you in a form that you can see and admire, and that's just one example of what you might find with photo refinishing, restoration, or repair.

No matter what sort of damage images have sustained - fire, water, fade, tears and stains - we have a solution for almost all situations.

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Have we mentioned that Heritage does far more than digital photo repair?

Just remember, time slowly consumes things left unattended, but we can repair what’s been neglected.

We can breathe life back into your photographic treasures.

Let us tend to your old photographs and save the moments from being forgotten in time.

If it's related to Genealogy, Photo Refinishing, Repair, Restoration, or Picture Editing, just let us know what you need.  We are here to serve you.