Why restored photos are important in History


Photographs are an excellent visual record of memories and moments. You can capture as many as you like, and within that image, you will have a piece of visual memory you can always return to. While it's no secret that photography has great artistic and sentimental value, does it also fare well for professional purposes? Many historians regard photographs as a primary source for historical research and study. Pictures can be seen as a valid form of ethnography and are used by many historians while wading through different time periods. Here's why photographs are highly regarded for historical preservation and study.


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To Study Marginalized Individuals

While words can be embellished, it’s often difficult to falsify historical images; these pictures are incredibly important for historians who are hoping to study more marginalized subjects. It’s no secret that minorities in history were never given the space to write about their accomplishments and roles in society. In fact, women were often disregarded in historical studies, and it’s only recently that they’re given the space for their accomplishments. While you may not find many books on the achievements of minorities, you can find pictures that tell a different story. And with more pictorial evidence, it became difficult to falsify records about the contributions of women or marginalized communities to society. Historians often use these images as a reference point for further research and study.


To Get Both Sides Of The Story

To justify colonization and invasion in regions, many institutions and political leaders joined hands to demonize the ‘other’, and portray them as savages. These claims were not only inaccurate but also warped the image many had about people living in African, Asian, and Latin American Lands. However, nowadays, historians can see that this was in fact not the case. Along with textual evidence, photographs taken from the time period showed that these 'savage' countries were developed and doing well for themselves. It helped bring to light a less biased story which is now being used to correct records of societal progress worldwide.


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To Humanize Public Figures

Something not many people realize is how much a photograph can humanize an individual. You often read about powerful and public figures in history books and have an exalted view of them, but then you see a photograph and it shows a glimpse into their everyday life and the many ways in which they were just regular people. There are various pictures of political leaders laughing with their friends, movie stars playing with their children, and the private lives of men and women that show them as everyday individuals. This glimpse helps historians dig deeper into who they were, what they enjoyed, and how they carried themselves when they didn’t worry about the scrutiny of the public eye!

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