Don't Just Fix Old Photos - Make Them Worthy of Your Fireplace Mantle!

Every family has one—that large basket of photos. Full of old picture prints, Polaroids and negatives, we use this basket as a handy-dandy safe for all our memories, never really wondering whether we’re doing justice to these precious mementos.

Because we live in a technological era, we sometimes forget that not everything is as permanent as a digitally taken photo. Most of our old photos are printed on some sort of paper, paper that can become damaged even if it is exposed to any unsightly conditions for a little bit of time.
This is why it is important that we do the right thing in taking care of our special mementos. In this sense, our services come into play. Along providing photo restoration, we try our best to repair your photos with professional digital repair services. But after that, you have to wonder; what next?  You’ve preserved your memories; you’ve repaired the damage, what more can you do with your pictures? For that, we have some creative and fun ideas that might just come in handy for you!

Converting Old Photos into Creative Pieces of Art

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Polaroid Memory Wall

Take a string or a piece of rope and hang a substantial length from one end of the wall to the next (or stretch it across the area you want to hang your Polaroids prints on. Be sure to keep it slightly tight so that the weight of the Polaroid prints doesn’t pull it down.
Using wood pins that are specifically made for photographs, hang the photos according to your choice.

Polaroid Charm Necklace

You see those adorable necklaces that have photos in them? Why not do the same with your Polaroid print?  Yep, there's always a good use for an old Polaroid!
With your digitally preserved print, you can have your Polaroid image printed in a small size with a Polaroid frame made to match. Hire a company to make the tiny frame for you. However, for the easy way out, use a small bit of clay and create one in your own oven.

Photo Booth Style Framed Photos

This is one for the creative sorts. If your prints still look good enough, use them to create a photo booth style frame that displays four or more pictures in a column on a large and sturdy strip of white wood or foam board.
You can find these strips of wood in the market. Taking proper measurements, arrange the pictures in a vertical line in accordance with the age of the person in the photos. Mark the pictures on the board. Use glue to stick them.
Also, glue a wall hanging fixture on the center of the top back part so you can easily hang it on the wall.

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Colorful Frames

If you’re prone to taping your pictures on the wall, use washi tape to give them adorable frames.
Washi tape isn’t all that expensive. You can choose from a variety of designs. Find the perfect ones to go with each of your photographs.

Polaroid Postcards

Got some hilarious family Polaroids from when you were younger? Send them to us for a little picture editing, then send them to your family members as postcards. Using a small strip of paper tape; cut it so it sticks exactly on the part beneath the actual photograph and write on it. This will work in protecting your picture from nib marks and ink stains.

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Bookshelf Display

Hate having those bulky frames on your bookshelf but love those old family pictures? No worries!
The first thing you have to do is take measurements of the bookshelf and any cubicle that it has. Next, use those measurements and have your scanned photos printed in their sizes. Stick them in and voila! A beautiful display of love for your family without the necessary frames!

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Modern Illustration

Whether it’s a picture of you standing in the rain when you were younger, or a photo of your childhood home, a talented illustrator will have no problem in turning your simpler pictures into works of art.
There are many illustrators out there who offer their services for an affordable price. All you have to do is search!

From the hundreds of ideas that we’ve received from our customers over the years, these are our most favorite!

At Heritage Photo Restoration and Genealogy, we try our best to provide our customers with the best ideas that we can offer. So as long as you keep coming back to us, you can be sure that we will always have some creative tricks to help you preserve and enjoy your pictures in all their glory!  Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about restoring your old photographs.