Terms & Conditions - Please Read Carefully 

By signing below or accepting my sales agreement electronically, I agree to the pricing listed on my sales order and to the following terms: 

Photo restoration is a service, not a product. Photo restoration is never guaranteed to “look” a specific way.  

Heritage is one of the few photo and art restoration services to offer printed proofs for all customers. Most restored photographs will be provided in several versions with varying contrast / brightness / color saturation / sepia toning. ONE set of said proofs will be created and I may view said proofs in person. I pay for any second or third round of printed proofs, if required. I can pick from any of these proofs and purchase premium prints of any kind.

Heritage uses calibrated photography monitors that function in the AdobeRGB-1998 color space. Most screens, including typical computer monitors, gaming monitors, Android phones, and iPhones do not have the capability to fully display this gamut. Second, Heritage has no control over custom screen and color temperature settings (such as night-light, etc). Because of this, Heritage provides printed proofs on high-quality archival matte photo paper. Normally, Heritage does not provide electronic proofs.

Once I am notified that my proofs are ready, I have 7 calendar days to pick up my proofs and submit my printing, framing, matting, or revision order. If 14 days pass without any revisions or any order, I will be invoiced for services rendered and can order prints at a later time. I am entitled to 1 free revision after printed proofs, and additional revisions are charged at $89 per hour increments, although offers and discounts are sometimes applicable.

Costs will increase if I change requirements after work has started, and change requests must be submitted in writing (email is acceptable).

I am not obligated to purchase any prints at all unless my contract / order includes discount pricing / package deal pricing that references prints. If I wish, I can simply keep the electronic images created by Heritage on storage medium provided by Heritage.

DVD media is provided free of charge. Alternatively, we can upload your photos to various online storage systems such as Google Photos at no charge. USB Flash Drives (8-16gb) are $17.00. Drives larger than 16gb are available if needed.

I understand that payment for services is due immediately upon invoice. I can pay via any debit or credit card via the invoice sent to my email. Any reduced package deal pricing or special offers made on my original quote will become void if my invoice is not paid within 10 calendar days of receipt.


Heritage will make every attempt to ensure my property is protected, but Heritage is in no way responsible for original prints, frames, or other items. By leaving said items with Heritage I do so is at my own risk. Heritage will attempt to contact me up to *5 times over 120 days* regarding any unclaimed property. If I do not respond to said communications within 120 days or my invoice is unpaid for over 120 days, all images and property may be destroyed and / or become property of Heritage Photo Restoration.

If I leave objects containing mold, broken glass, live insects or other animals, toxic chemicals, or other hazards without notifying Heritage of said hazards beforehand, I will immediately be charged a $500 cleanup fee. I must notify Heritage ahead of time to avoid this charge.

Digital Scanning Projects: I must provide a reasonable count of items left at Heritage. If not, the total will be based upon the number of images after completion of scanning. If I need Heritage to “pre count” my images prior to scanning, there is an additional charge of $0.25 per image.

Most projects are completed within 30 days.

Complex or large projects will extend timeframes. Funerals, bereavement, and memorial services always take priority and may cause my project a slight delay.

I understand that Heritage firmly believes in high quality over speed and I would prefer a quality result rather than a result delivered in rapid fashion.

Rush orders are available at a premium of 25% or $50, whichever is higher. If I request shipping, I am responsible for shipping costs.

A copy of these terms can be found with your original estimate detail from Square.