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Digital Photo Scanning is Unquestionably the best way to preserve your photos! 

Photo Scanning at a default of 800dpi, no extra charge.  Negative and Slide Scanning at a default of 3200dpi.  Scanning up to 9600dpi available for those "postage-stamp sized" photos and old negatives.  Didn't we say "absurdly high resolution?"  Backlight correction is no additional charge on all scanned items, including negatives and slides.


Any size photo | All Slides, damaged or not | 35mm Slides | 35mm negatives | 110 Instamatic negatives | 8mm x 11mm Photo Discs | APS Film | 126 Instamatic, 127, 120 formats | 4x5 large format negatives and slides.


In decades gone by, photographs were not taken on smartphones and digital cameras and immediately transferred to PCs, social sites, and other digital locations. Instead, families collected physical photos and stored them in shoe boxes, photo albums, and envelopes to be later perused and remembered. Many of us still have such photos, and some of us still choose to use a non-digital camera for reasons of quality, control, or nostalgia.

Despite our love for "old fashioned" photos, however, there are many good reasons to scan photos and convert them to digital form. That's where Heritage comes in.

First of all, old photos can fade, deteriorate, and gather dust over the years, making the photo to digital transfer a matter of preservation. Second, document scanning allows you to store your photos securely and indefinitely going forward. Third, the digital photo scanning process can "clean up" imperfect photos and even restore damaged ones. Fourth and finally, digital photo scanning makes your memories more accessible to others, for sharing them will only require a quick click of a button.

Most people with dozens or even hundreds of snapshots in their attic or closet do have a scanner and printer they can use at home. Is that the best way to go?

The fact is that professional photograph scanning is convenient, fast, cost-effective, and yields better end-results - Especially with the perfectly calibrated, extremely high resolution scanners at Heritage Photo Restoration and Genealogy.

You can sit down and scan photos for hours on end for a full month or more, or you can simply send your photos, negatives, or slides to a professional for digital document scanning services. AND, With Heritage now in Houston, Digital Photo Scanning Can be Done at amazingly High-Resolution.

Your family or personal photo collection is something you have worked on amassing for many years and that you attach great sentimental value to, and it is imperative that you choose a digital scanning service that will do a top-rate job at preserving it. Heritage takes pride in what we do with digital photo scanning.

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The Best Digital Photo Scanning in Houston is Heritage.

That said, once you have chosen a company to work with, here are some of the steps you will likely need to take to get your photos scanned, printed out, and returned to you:

1. The first step to having your treasured photos digitally preserved is to gather together all of the images you wish to be scanned. These may be hidden away in some corner of your home, and you may have forgotten about them. Take the time to scour the house for all of your most valuable photographic memories and to select from them those you want scanned. Don't worry if photos are of different sizes and shapes, for professional photo scanning machines can handle it all and give you a beautiful result.

2. Next, you will need to arrange your photos. It is true that you can simply grab a pile of photos or a full shoe box and send unselected, unsorted photos in, but to get the best value for your dollar, you may want to do some basic sorting. Separate prints, negatives, and slides. Bind photos together in envelopes with rubber bands and count how many are in each package. Peruse old albums before sending them in so that you remember what is in them. Even consider grouping photos by categories such as persons photographed, time period, or life events.

3. Make sure that you label each group of photos and create a master list that you keep with you after sending in your photos to the scanning company. Arrange as many groups of photos as possible in a single mailing box or large postal envelope to save on shipping rates. Be sure to read the shipping procedures and policies of the scanning company carefully. You don't want any surprises about whether you drop off the package at the post office or have it picked up at your door. Nor do you want any surprises about what to expect when your finished package is returned. If you are only keeping a digital copy, you can simply download the finished products once completed. Carefully read the information on how to know your order is ready and how to download it from the website

Heritage Takes Great Care With Digital Photo Scanning

The first and most basic digital photo scanning service is simply scanning a photo to digital form. This may involve scanning bulk orders of hundreds or even thousands of photos that you simply do not have the time to sort through and scan yourself. Professionals will scan each image by hand using the most up to date scanners and software programs. They can turn your treasured memories into JPEG files that will be compatible with either Microsoft or Macintosh, can color correct, crop, and rotate images, remove dust and minor scratches, and give you a resolution of at least 450 dpi. We can also scan at much higher resolutions If you wish. Photos can be scanned in a specified order, printed out to create folders and albums, or removed and returned to their place in an existing album.

Digital photo scanning becomes significantly more challenging when images are faded with age or badly damaged. Of course, there are cases where a photograph will be beyond repair, but you should not be too quick to assume it is, for modern professional photo scanners can do wonders with photo restoration. Blots and blemishes, bad lighting, water marks, mold, discoloration, heavy scratches, and even limited fire damage can sometimes be overcome.

It is well worth asking a professional if your damaged photos are salvageable, for the answer is often "Yes."  Our Houston Photo Restoration team knows how to make your vintage photographs look beautiful, and our professional photo printing in Houston is fantastic.

If you lack the actual photograph but have the negative, many digital scanning services include the ability to scan negatives. Photo scanning from negatives will require that negatives first be sent through a special conversion machine, but other than that, the process is the same. You can also get scan negatives, produced during the photo scanning process, sent back with your order if you wish so that you will have a "backup."  It's not very different from the way you used to develop negatives in the darkroom.

Many scanning services are also able to transform old slide shows into digital form. Slide colors change over the years and eventually degrade. Slides are also quite easy to scratch or "catch a fungus." Despite taking good care of your slides, they may require some restoration while being scanned into a digital format

We do it right, not fast.  Here in Houston digital photo scanning is completed with quality in mind.

We are not the absolute fastest company around, meaning they may take an extra day or two on some orders, but they are experts at high-quality scanning and photo restoration. Additionally, has prices as low as 15 cents per photo on bulk orders for photo scanning, making them exceptionally affordable. All you have to do is visit the Heritage Store and purchase the scanning package you want. Alternatively, reach out to us via our contact page if you need more information or are in need of custom work.

Most scanning professionals charge significantly more. Heritage can scan negatives, restore old and worn photos, and do all manner of document scanning with no hidden fees and, again, rates as low as .15 per photo on bulk orders.

We use DIGITAL ICE technology as well as professional-grade scanners and digital tools to get the best result out of every scan, and if a photo cannot be scanned and does not look presentable, we offer our photo restoration services. If even then, it cannot be scanned, we never charge you for it.

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