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Sometimes you look at an old photograph and memories rush into your head all at once. Humans love images. They like to remind themselves of the great feats that they have achieved, or remember their ancestors through a small frame captured in time. The history of images used in human history date back to almost 20,000 years ago. The cave paintings in Lascaux, France, are some of the oldest images formed by humans to remind them of the beautiful wildlife that they lived amongst.

Sometimes these great memories can be washed away by the past. That old picture editing captured the beautiful moments often see cracks, tears, stains and discoloration with which the glory of the photograph slowly diminishes as the clock ticks. Something that is diminishing does not mean it is useless though.

We, here at Heritage, make sure that your memories are preserved forever. We are the best photo restoration in Houston, and we will be able to fix any sort of damage that your pictures may have sustained.

Conveniently located at 131 Bellaire Ct., Bellaire, Texas 77401.  We can be reached during normal hours at 281-940-5870.

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Damaged Photo Retouching - Delicately Performed Here in Houston


Vintage Photo Restorer & Houston's Source for Professional Photo Retouching.

Imagine the picture you had of your father standing next to the tank that he helped operate in World War 2, or a picture that shows you taking your first trip to the beach with your parents when you were young. These are some memories that should be up on the wall reminding you that all that happens in life is not bad. Old photographs are a great way to relieve stress. They give you hope and teach you to appreciate the little things in life. Don’t let these memories fade away. We care for them as much as you do. Give us all your old photographs and let us restore the long-forgotten narrative. Heritage is here to help you remember.

Fix Old Photos with Heritage

Although we are the best photo restoration in Houston, Texas, we cater to everyone in the country. We are able to perform successful picture editing almost 97% of the time and provide our digital photo repair services at very reasonable rates.  We have FULL confidence in our team that they will work to their full capacity to breathe life into your memories, We have enough experience to be labeled the GOLD STANDARD for photo restoration in Houston, and even our competitors have accepted this fact.  The photographs we receive are mostly of older people in their youth or an image of people after or during an event. Send us your damaged or old photos and make them a great gift for a person you love. Give them something meaningful that they will cherish forever.  

If you have a grandmother and you found a very nice picture of her in her youth, drop by Heritage for a quick photo refinishing and give her a glimpse of her past to bring all the great memories back. Memories fade away, but they can be freshened up with sense of sight.

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Where Texans Go to Restore Old Photos

We specialize in all sorts of picture editing, photo retouching, and colorization. Whether you have a picture that has been torn from the middle, or one whose color has faded with time, you can be sure that your old photographs will be as good as new.

We're not the "cheapest" photo restoration - but you can rest assured that we are the best photograph repair in Texas.


It's all up to you - whether you want those pictures framed, printed, or just made to look like the day they were taken. We have a custom solution for everyone at an affordable price.

Worried about that antique photo? Rest assured, we've handled precious memories like that for thousands of satisfied Texas customers. Our digital photo repair will give you something you can treasure forever, even if you think all hope is lost.

Have a bulk order? We'll come pick it up for you at no additional charge!

Photo Restoration Services

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Call us from 8:00AM - 5:00PM Central Time at +1-832-236-2987

We can answer your questions, offer advice on how to handle your damaged pictures, and discuss all the different ways Heritage can help you along the path to amazingly gorgeous restored portraits and other images.  Make someone smile... Restore their memories!

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Absolutely Amazing Photo Restoration, Picture Editing, and Digital Photo Repair

if you're not satisfied, Heritage designers will work until you are. Every photograph restored just the way you want it.

Professional, Affordable Genealogy Research Service

Genealogy shouldn't be available only to the wealthy! Heritage services are performed by experts, and our prices are reasonable.

Extreme High-Resolution Digital Photo Scanning

All documents and all images (including negatives), any resolution, to disc or to print - scanned or enlarged per your order. You'll be amazed.

Absolutely FREE Photo Restoration Services and Digital Photo Scanning For All Law Enforcement Personnel
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We Fix Old Photos and Provide Outstanding Picture Editing Services.

Surely you’ve captured some truly beautiful moments on film, so don’t let them wither away with time. We, here at Heritage, can help you.

Torn, stained, faded or discolored pictures can be restored back to their original splendor!

We aim to provide you with “good as new” images of once forgotten old memories (and careful, delicate antique photo restoration).  Tin-Types, postcard prints, or custom framed 16x20 portraits.  Did we mention that our professional photo printing services are pretty darn spectacular, too?

Our Houston Photo Retouching Artists Are Experts In:

• Photo Restoration
• Removing Discoloration And Stains
• Severely Scratched Old Pictures.
• Photo Refinishing
• Restoration Of Negatives, No Matter How Old They Might Be. We’ll Turn Them Into Something Exquisite.

Antique Photo Restoration And Digital Photo Repair For Severely Damaged Images Handled With Great Care.

ZERO Cost For All Law Enforcement Including Officers, Deputies, And Troopers.  And Zero Means Zero.

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We're a lot more than just Photo Restorers.

Just remember, time slowly consumes things left unattended, but we can repair what’s been neglected.

We Can Breathe Life Back Into Your Photographic Treasures.

Let us tend to your old photographs and save the moments from being forgotten in time.

If It's Related To Genealogy, Picture Editing, Vintage Photograph Retouching, or Preserving Your Heirloom Images, Give us a call.

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