photos stuck to glass is a big issue

When An Old Photog is Stuck to Glass, Don't Panic and Don't Just Start Peeling it Off!

Putting aside the many benefits of digital photography, those of us that still rely on print photographs to capture our happy moments do sometimes have our work cut out for us. Since printed photographs require a lot more upkeep than your usual digital pictures, you tend to run into a lot more problems along the way. One of those problems is that of pictures getting stuck to glass.

Because this is a fairly common issue, you will find many DIY remedies and tricks to rectify this. However, if you want to salvage your picture, your best bet is to go with advice that only a professional in digital photo repair would provide.

And that is exactly what we offer.


What do the Experts say?  Don't Microwave Your Photo!

At Heritage, our customers don't come to us happy.  In most cases, they are quite unhappy about their damaged photos. In some cases, clients use different tricks such as heating the glass, soaking the whole picture and even microwaving the glass unit to get the picture out. But in doing so, they end up destroying the image altogether.

Now, it’s fairly certain that when a tip tells you to microwave your picture, you shouldn’t follow it. However, if you do end up using such advice, we recommend that you read further.

So what causes the photograph and glass to stick together?

Humidity is usually the main reason why pictures stick to glass. If the picture is placed in a frame that has no space between the glass and the picture (even a bit), this causes the picture to stick. This is especially common with glossy images. The emulsion that creates all that "shine" simply turns into a glue-like mess when heat and humidity are present for long periods of time.

Oh no!  What do I do?

Old photographic prints can become fragile over time, so trying drastic ruses such as the microwave trick can end up damaging the image beyond repair.

Firstly, if you have a picture that’s stuck to the glass, don’t stretch it, don’t pull on it and don’t tease it. Don't even make fun of it.  :) Take the picture out of the frame and wipe the glass clean with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or streaks. Gently lift those parts of the photograph that are not stuck to the glass and wipe there as well. Next, take your picture to a professional photo restoration service.

Remember, it is important that you have a backup copy of the image.  In other words, hopefully you have two prints!  Even the best photo restoration in Houston  may not be able to remove the picture from the glass successfully. 

What if My Damaged Photo is an Emergency Situation?

If you’re availing our services, Heritage Photo Restoration offers to pick up your photographs from your home, given that you live within 100 miles of our studio. However, if you are short on time and not able to send your pictures for restoration, there are some steps you can take to minimize the damage.


Basics Steps to Saving Your Printed Images

Heat the Glass

Set your blow dryer to low heat setting. Blow the air towards the back of the photograph from a distance so the picture paper doesn’t become overheated. Do so for 4-5 minutes and gently pull on the corner of the image. If the picture gives, use the process repeatedly until the rest of the photograph starts to pull through.  We've used this technique many, many times and it DOES work.  However, it requires patience.  If it's a large photo you are working with, it could take several hours.  In most cases, you are better off giving us a call.


Freeze the Photo

Wrap the glass with the picture stuck to it in newspaper. Next, place the package in the freeze for about an hour. After enough time has passed, take the package out and gently lift the photograph away from the glass. Chances are that if the picture isn’t stuck too much, this step will allow you to lift up your picture entirely without damaging it.



 For print photographs, the best thing you can do is use an acid-free mat to create a reasonable space between the picture and the glass. You can easily get these mats from stores that offer archival storage products at reasonable prices.


There are almost always options to save your stuck photo. Don't throw it away.

If the picture is not salvageable even after the above steps, you can simply come to us with your photo. From correcting scratches and fixing damages to editing out tears, scratches and spots, Heritage offers comprehensive services to those with damaged photos, and we are the best choice to preserve your memories and moments.

If you would like to know more about our services and how heritage photo restoration Houston can work as the best option for your images, contact us or call us at 281-940–5870 for further information.