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3 Reasons Professional Cameras Still Have An Edge Over Smartphones


Everyday phone companies are racing to release the newest, fastest, and most high-tech phone in the market. Advancements in smartphone technology have been rampant, and it doesn’t look like the race is going to end anytime soon!

Smartphones have become a piece of primary equipment for photography for many individuals. In fact, Lady Gaga released a music video shot entirely on a smartphone! So, have we moved past professional cameras, or do they still hold some merit? Here are some features of a professional camera that a smartphone has yet to master.

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Lens Versatility

One of the main reasons a professional camera will always reign supreme over a smartphone is due to the copious number of lenses you can buy for it. While smartphones give you a strict set of features that can't be altered, you can always change your professional camera’s range without any problems!

You can get a lens for a wide-angle shot, or telescopic zooms, or even just a regular one for everyday use. You can switch out lenses according to your preference and attach one which will work best for your photoshoot. While smartphones are a cheaper option, they also force you to alter your pictures to their convenience, rather than the other way around!

Foreground Blur

Newer smartphones have dedicated ‘portrait modes’ included in their cameras, making for crisp and focused pictures. It might seem like they’ve reached the same level of clarity as professional photographs, but that’s not the case!

Professional cameras have the ability not just to blur the background, but also the foreground. This feature helps put a sharp focus on the main object and really helps bring it out of the screen.

It adds depth and perspective to your photo, which can be lost if the foreground is visible. And while background blur is commendable, a professional shot will have both features instead of one.

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Higher Image Quality

There’s nothing more impressive than snapping a picture that looks exactly like the view in front of you. This can only be achieved by opting for a camera that is excellent at capturing colors and detail.

When it comes to high-quality images, a professional camera will always take the cake. Most professional cameras can capture images in 100MP or more, making for incredibly detailed photography. Plus, it makes printing pictures much easier. You won't have to compromise on quality and look back at blurry pictures that just don't work!

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